Who we are:
Persons with Disability Initiative Nigeria (PWDN) is a national peak disability rights and advocacy organisation. Our primary membership is made up of people with disability and organizations primarily constituted by people with disability. PWD also has a large associate membership of other individuals and organizations committed to the disability rights movement, People with Disability Nigeria seeks to provide persons with disability with a voice of our own. We have a cross-disability focus representing the interests of people with all kinds of disability. PWD is a non-profit  organization.
We provide or undertake:
Rights-related information, advice and referral services for people with disability and their associates.
Short-term individual and group advocacy assistance to people with disability and their associates.
Advocacy for reform around systemic issues that adversely affect people with disability and their associates.
Collaborate with civil society groups and organize seminars, workshops and symposia to inform disabled citizens of the need to be educated and hence explore possible scholarship grants from state and federal government.
Provide a database of challenges facing persons with disability as to advice the government on how to combat the occurrence of health and human induced disability.
Liase with government agencies on healthcare and immunization against poliovirus and other diseases.
Provide a database of the actual number of Nigerians that have one form of disability or another.
Reach out to government at all levels and corporate establishments to join hands towards alleviating the plight of persons with disability especially in the areas of education, employment and empowerment.
Network with local and international agencies to operate and build skills acquisition centers where persons with disability will be trained in various skills and knowledge towards meaningful means of sustainable livelihood.
These centers will also provide the ambience for Socialization / interaction between government and person with disability, where solutions to critical issues affecting the disabled could be proffered.
Representation of the sector of interest constituted by people with disability and their associates to government, industry and the non-government sector.
Coordination of the sector of interest constituted by people with disability and their associates.
Disability rights-related research and development around issues of concern to people with disability and their associates
Disability rights-related training & education for people with disability and their associates, service providers, government and the public.
This work will be supported in part by grants of financial assistance from UN, UNICEF, WHO, UNESCO, ITU, ILO USAID, DFID, plus international donor countries around the globe which includes commonwealth Governments. This assistance will be acknowledged with appreciation.