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Where Will Donations Go?

80% of all the donations we will receive will go directly into our essential projects.

These Includes

Raising awareness of the fundamental human rights of people with disability and how these can be realized on a practical, day to day basis.

Strengthening the governance capacity of people with disability, for people with disability; and Advocating for reform of systemic issues which have a negative impact on people with disability and their associates, such advocating for the closure of institutions and the ending of violence and abuse against people with disability. 

The remaining 20% of funds received go towards administration costs, which are necessary to keep our organizing running

Our Account Details:
Bank: Access Bank Plc 
Account Name: Persons With Disability in Nigeria
Naira Account Number: 0058 915550
Dollar Account number: 0058 999750
Euro Account Number: 0058 999736
British Pounds Account Number: 0058 999743